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How to determine specs for replacing impeller


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I have a Theramax II pump on an Emerson motor. The impeller was frozen to the motor shaft and it broke into a million pieces when I used my oil filter wrench to try and break it loose. I have been looking online for replacements and the impellers that I found are listed as 1HP, 2 HP and so on. The motor is 1/15 HP so I am not sure where the HP rating of the impeller comes from.


Also, the shaft seals are listed as either 5/8" or 3/4". I assume that dimension is the OD of the impeller shaft and/or the ID of the shaft seal?


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Found this on a supplier site.

Does the old impeller have a number on it?

Please see info below for this pump:

  •       This is a new style pump that Sundance/Jacuzzi are using. 6500-907 was the original part number for the older Aqua-Flo (Dynamic Flo) Circulation Pump that is now 6000-907.
  •       On 07/19/2011, Sundance changed the original 6500-907 to 6000-907.  If your spa was produced on or before 7/18/2011 and says 6500-907 on it, please see 6000-907.  
  •       Plumbing is different on these two pumps.  If you are comparing your old pump to the new one, please see both pumps pictures.  
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Thanks for this info. Very helpful. There is no number on the impeller. The spa was built in June of 2011. The photo of the impeller in the link you sent looks more like my impeller as compared to other photos of higher HP impellers I've seen - and is a much lower price. I see that the pump seals have a choice of adding a tube of lube to the order. Should I use that and where should the lube be placed?

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