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Help with replacement capacitor


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You just have to make sure the new is rated at or above this one, your tub is probably 220v right? So 140-154 micro farad, 220v (or anything higher). This one can do 330V, 5 bucks.


Looks like these are called "start" capacitors, go figure.

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8 hours ago, PNW Soaker said:

I also just looked at your pic and between the capacity and the frequency I see 165VAC, so your original is "130-154 µF 165VAC 60Hz", the cap in the link I posted is fine, or almost anything else that you find that meets or exceeds these specs.

Awesome.  Thanks for your help @PNW Soaker.  It don't see any size specs on that cap you linked.  Is there a standard indicated somewhere that I'm missing?  I've sent that vendor a question on the size as well.

Thanks again!


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The vendor pointed me to this one linked below. He said he doesn't know the size but I looked up the model number I saw in the picture and it looks to be 2" tall and 1 7/16 diameter which should be perfect.  A little shorter than the original which will be better because it's a tight squeeze in the motor.

Thanks Again @PNW Soaker!




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