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2009 Marquis Epic Spa OHH code


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2009 Marquis Epic Spa

Arrived at spa to find it cold and no power. Found GFI tripped. Reset GFI and panel powered up and displayed HOT. No controls will work. Set dip switch one to ON, cycled power. Set dip switch one to OFF and cycled power. HOT code cleared and now displays OHH. Found #1 Spa Pump failed with bearing locked up. Replaced Pump with new. Cleaned spa and filters. New pump turned on and ran for 1 min and shut down with flashing OHH code. Using meter, measured spa heater element disconnected at 10.5 ohms. With heater disconnected it has no effect or change to code. Measured water temp in tub at 65 deg. Measured water temp inside heater core at 65 deg. Measured Balboa M7 sensors at 36,100 ohms (69.3 degrees) and other at 37,210 ohms (68.1 degrees). I am using Balboa Temp & High Limit Sensor Chart. At one point the pumps turned on and I had full control from top control panel. Temp set for 89 deg. Temp indicated 111 deg. It then went to 112 deg and pump turned off and OHS code appeared. While it was working I had the filters removed and had excellent flow from both pumps. Cycled power again and OHS code cleared and OHH code immediately appeared. At this point I have no control at top panel and nothing works. Approximately every two hours pump 1 turns on low for 1 minute with OHH code flashing and pump turns off within 1 minute. I replaced upper control panel at the same time as pump. Checked all fuses and all check good. Power to GFI checks good. Power at Spa Circuit board checks good at 241.9 volts. Red to White 120.8 volts. Black to white 120.8 volts. Could my circuit board be causing the problem?

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Unfortunately many things could cause this. You have done good so far with your troubleshooting and seem to have eliminated some of the basics. 👍

That is farther apart than I like to see my sensors. While technically within parameters, I would consider some sensors. They are cheap, easy to replace, and one of the most common parts to fail.

Verify incoming power is steady over time. Fluctuations from failing breakers or loose connections can affect the sensor readings, as well as many other things.

It could also be a failing transformer on the circuit board. The sensors change resistance with temperature, but the board ultimately reads that with a current meter. Lower the voltage and the system thinks the resistance is higher than it actually is. Just as with power fluctuations. A bad transformer usually gets hot to the touch in a few minutes. Turn off power before checking it.

Post a pic of your circuit board, equipment area, and wiring diagram from the control box cover.

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Can you post a pic of the schematic on the inside cover.

Are you 100% sure the new pump is wired correctly?

Sounds like you have a flow issue not a sensor issue. Check for air pockets in the wet end and heater tube. 

Are all the gate/slice valves pulled up?

In Balboa spa packs with the M7 generation of heaters a sensor failure will typically not result in an OH code because the system has separate sensor specific codes that display when a sensor malfunctions.

Are all the jets open and flowing water?

Remove the filters until the issue is fixed. New old cleaned or not take them out.  Remove them from the equation.

When you power up and it gets to PR press temp up button once. Does the #1 pump start up and run in low speed only?

Let us know results



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You are the SPA GURU! You nailed it. Installed a new set of Balboa M7 sensors from Spa Depot. Spa powered up normal and went into PR. Selected pump one and it came on low speed. New upper spa panel, from My Spa Parts Store, indicated temp at 65 deg. Four min later the heater indication came on. Selected pump number two and it came on. Selected both pumps to high and no issues. 10 hours later temp indicates 102 deg and everything working great.

We looked at new spa's in the range of our current Marquis Epic 2009. They ranged from $13,000 to $15,000. Putting a little research and $1,500 I replaced one pump with improved model, new temp sensors, control panel with dead display with new LED  version, new pillows and most of the control valves. Its like a new spa.

Currently researching ozone generators to replace the old Marquis. Not many good reviews with short life span being the biggest gripe.

CanadianSpaTech,  I do appreciate you responding to my post. Thank you.

Thank you Pool Spa Forum for this site and again to RDspaGod for solving the malfunction.

Mitch Forry




Edited by 360Mitch
Uncalled for comments on my part.
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I'm glad it worked out for you.

4 hours ago, 360Mitch said:

Your statement that it could not be sensor's has been proven wrong.


On 10/2/2020 at 6:30 AM, CanadianSpaTech said:

Sounds like you have


On 10/2/2020 at 6:30 AM, CanadianSpaTech said:

will typically not result

For the record, he did not say it couldn't be the sensor, he said that TYPICALLY a bad sensor will produce a different error code, and he is correct. Typically when a sensor fails it runs out of range and the computer knows something is wrong. In this case it was different, but I was guessing as much as @CanadianSpaTech was. We were both trying to help you, and I don't think it very polite to react to his help in that way, even if he happened to be mistaken in this case.

Also, we are volunteers and recieve NO compensation for spending our spare time trying to help the many people who come here daily asking for (free) help. If we ask a question you already answered, then answer it again. You came to us, and are lucky we are helping at all. We normally get $100 an hour for what you are getting for free, and rudeness from you is completely out of line. I'd say you owe Canadaguy an apology. He helps as many people on this forum as anyone.

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I would like to apologize for my comments in my previous post. That you took the time to reach out on my post, is much appreciated. Had the sensors not cured my problem I would still be looking for your help. I have edited my previous post and removed the uncalled for and unjust comments. In the future I will be the one to read post more closely and respond in a more appropriate manner. Again, I hope you will accept my appology.


Mitch Forry

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  • 2 years later...

Hello, I recently bought one of these exact 2009 Marquis Epic spas (with circuit board: s/n 54278-04x, Marquise MQ2KU EL2 M3).

I'm having trouble with my heater and need to troubleshoot my connections and dip switch settings but I'm missing the control system wiring diagram from the control box lid & so far I can't find this online anywhere.

If anyone can share a picture or .pdf etc. of the system wiring diagram for a 2009 Balboa Marquis Epic spa it would help me out greatly.

If everything is set correctly, I'll probably need a new heater, sensors, &/or a new circuit board, but want to take it one step at a time. I'll attach pics showing the circuit board info., chip, and current dip settings in case it helps. 

Thank you,





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