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Changing Mind - Will This Deck Framing Over Pavers Work as a Base?


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On an earlier post I discussed building a wood frame from PT 2x8 build as the base to hold gravel and to be built over existing flagstone pavers that are NOT flat NOR level.  The pavers are designed to slope and drain away from the house and I don’t want to change that. 

Someone suggested I add stringers to by frame.  I did that.   But it got me thinking...Now I have what appears to be the basics of a wood deck.  Rather than put gravel in this new frame with stringers would it work if I just made more stringers 12inches off center and topped off with decking?  It’s only $50 bucks more than the gravel plus delivery will cost.  

my only concern is that due to the Base pavers the whole setup is on, there are places where the frame/joists are in contact with the pavers and some places it is not due t settling.  Will this be okay for my frame?

I know usually for a platform/deck you have to put a concrete hole with a 4x4 post as support.  I won’t have that.  Just the frame sitting “mostly” on the pavers.   Bad idea?   Should I stick with filling with gravel?



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2 hours ago, CanadianSpaTech said:

Couple of inches of gravel (3/4") then layer of limestone on top of that and bring level with top of boards. JMO

I’m thinking that may be the best long term option.  Less rot from the wood.   But also not as pretty.   I should mention that the stringers sit about 3/4 inch lower than the outer frame.  I did that so I could cover them with gravel and not be seen.  Is that an issue?

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I think I’m about done.   Turned out okay.  Will see how goes with the hot tub.  Brought and tampered the crushed granite level to ripped boards.  Only concern I have now is that the granite while small (3/8”) is physically impossible to be 100% completely totally level with the stringers.   Being stone with odd shapes it’s close but not exact. 

I hope it’s okay. 



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