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Noob:How much pH Reducer to add?

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We've just bought an Artesian South Sea Spa (1200 litres). We had it 4 weeks and found lots of foam and bubbles and learnt that this was from people's deodorants and hair conditioner etc so I re-filled the hot tub 4 days ago. I refilled it and noone has been in it as I wanted to get the chemistry right. We live in a very hard water area. We were given some test sticks (https://www.aquachek.com/aquachek-chlorine-4-in-1/) from the company we bought it off (should I be using something better) and it's now reporting the chlorine level is fine but ph(7.8-8.4) and alkalinity is high(180-240ppm).  I knew this might be an issue so bought some ph Reducer which has Sodium bisulfate in it. I think I must have added at least 120-150grams of it so far over the last few days but the alkalinity and ph are still high. Am I safe to keep adding the Sodium bisulfate until the levels drop or have I already added way too much?  Thanks

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Get a test kit. I like Taylor k2005, it even comes with dosage charts and an SI slide rule (pool math). Strips are notoriously unreliable.

Detail your complete maintenance routine. Certain chemicals can throw off your readings and testing too soon after adding chems can give false results.

I recommend you purge with Ahh-Some spa purge repeatedly until it produces no new gunk. Then drain and refill. New spas are known to have biofilm issues due to residual test water left in the pipes during storage and shipping. Used spas are even worse.

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