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Mel Thomas

Beachcomber OH fault

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I’ve had some help on here previously. We have a 2002 beachcomber hottub and following a few issues had had it working perfectly for many weeks but recently it has developed an OH fault. 
 We have changed the filter and tried it without a Filter and it is the same problem. What is strange is that when it reaches the set temperature Say 38 degrees) the heat light on the display goes out but the heater still seems to be making a hissing/gurgling noise and the temperature continues to increase until It reaches 42 then switches off And displays OH. Even with the pump not on The water in the system Gets very very hot and when the pump is switched on a burst of really hot water comes through. 
Not really sure what this could be? Wondering if you can provide any advice? 

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Yes it can be repaired but you would have to take to electronics repair shop to have them replaced. Might want to start by testing the sensor set. Looking bottom left of the pack I see a red sensor wire connector. Was the sensor set recently repaired? Also the flow switch is disconnected but I'm sure you know that.

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