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Fire Ash in Pool


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Yes, any organic contaminant uses up chlorine. 

I dealt with several brown water pools after a wildfire near Tahoe. I was unable to effectively eliminate the brown coloration short of draining the pools. Even floc only helped a little. I hope you dont get that.

If you have a pressure cleaner do not use it. Allow ash to settle and vacuum it out frequently, to waste if you have a multiport valve. Get it out as soon as possible. Heavily chlorinate. Heavily. Drop some pucks in your skimmer (the only time I will be heard recommending THAT) if that's what it takes, but keep your free chlorine up there, 5 or higher if you aren't using it. Clean filter frequently as well and watch your ph/alk.

@Pool Clown, @jimmythegreek, you guys have any experience with this?

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Okay, I'll do that. No browning in my pool, but lots of ash settling to the bottom. I just wanted to make sure it was the ash affecting the chemistry and not some other issue that I wasn't aware of. I'll have to backwash the filter as soon as I get a chance. My automatic vacuum has been doing a decent job at getting it out, but I've been manually vacuuming every weekend. 

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