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Silver Ion Cartridge Y/N & Ozonator Y/N


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16 minutes ago, GBH said:

What is the benefit of adding a Silver Ion Cartridge?

To quote @RDspaguy from another thread


big fan of ozone for it's ability to oxidize. I also like mineral purifiers (silver ion) but if I had to choose it would be ozone all day long.
Ozone burns off organic contaminants through oxidation (like shock) but is such a strong oxidizer that it even reacts with free chlorine. This means you can shock after heavy use and not have to soak in a bleach bath the next day, because the ozone will burn off all the chloramines and most of the chlorine overnight.
Silver ion inhibits reproduction of single-celled organisms and (slowly) destroys them. It does not eliminate the need for chlorine, but allows you to use less. It is a little pricey compared to most chemicals, but worth it in my not-so-humble opinion. I use nature2 or spa frog. I have not tried any of the liquid varieties but assume they are similar. 


I have a 2019 Hotspring Jetsetter (awesome tub, can't wait to upgrade to the Envoy as well).   I rock an ozonator and Silver mineral cartridge in my setup.    Although personally I am using a teaspoon of Dichlor56 after each soak to sanitize instead of using a saltwater cell.      As long as I keep my filters clean and pH balanced (baking soda to boost pH as needed), my water is clean/clear and essentially chlorine free 23 hours later when I hop in for my next soak.  Sure I need to change the water twice as often as a saltwater setup in this tub, but at $2 a refill, I think I can swing $4 a year in water charges haha. 



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I consider ozone and salt (chlorine generator) to be counterproductive. Ozone eliminates chlorine, and salt cells create it. Salt cells produce such a high concentration of chlorine that it effectively shocks the chloramines without the frequent need to manually add shock, and so does a part of what ozone does.

I am not a fan of salt chlorine generators even in pools, but ESPECIALLY not in spas. 

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