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Help Needed!!

I have suffered a failure of the river flow control board and I am struggling to diagnose the actual fault.

To start with I have checked all of the fuses on the control board and they are all OK. There doesn't appear to be any dry joints and nothing shorting out.

After a storm, the power supply to the control board gave up. I have replaced this and returned power to the control board.


When the unit is powered up at the mains, the motor fires up without the on/off switch having been pressed. Previously the motor would only power up after the on switch was pressed.

The motor does however increase in speed when the plus or minus buttons are pressed.

The problem is that once powered up, the relay which supplies power to the coil on the contactor starts to overheat and smoke. I have replaced this relay and still the same happens.

I have dismantled the contactor and all appears OK, it is not jammed on and there is continuity across the poles when the coil is energised.


any ideas????

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