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Weird Water after Running Jets

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Hi Guys,

This is fresh fill after purge with Ahh Some, Tub was flushed with pure water and filled.

I only used DryAcid and Dichlor no soak time yet.

pH 7.8-8

ALK 60-70

CH 90

Tested with Taylor Kit

Every time I turn jets on and stop them, my water looks like in pictures, 5 minutes later it looks crystal clear!

It really looks like kinda air bubbles are floating on surface and sticking together or dust....

I tried to capture this in clear glass but its instantly gone.

( previous fill was same? Bad Dichlor ? dry Acid ? )

Just feel like dumping water yet again, frustrating


I will pull microscope to this tomorrow

Thank you for suggestion



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Lowered to 7.6 and maybe there is actually more... 

I wonder if this the calcium sterate. Issue with pipes.

I have some Seakler comming tomorrow will see if it helps.


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