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Please help me find a powerful spa cover lifter


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Hi Everybody -- I'm glad I found this forum!  I hope you can help me. 

I need a new cover lifter and I need one that will provide the maximum assistance possible.    Remote control would be ideal, but I can't find one.   The ones I have found so far are discontinued or unavailable (like the TP2) -- darn it!    As an alternative, I've looked at the reviews of the hydraulic lifters, and I'm not encouraged so far.   Can anyone offer advice or guidance??  I have a Marquis spa that's 90 by 90, 17' radius, with about 5 inches to work with (for lifter installation) on one side and the other side is open.  The side where the cover will go (I'll call that "the back" )   is spacious enough, but not quite adequate for a "slider" type.   If anyone has a hydraulic lifter they absolutely love, I'd like to hear about it.  Thanks in advance....

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I don't have a cover lifter, but I have a cover holder.  They are a set of two, just bent metal bars bolted to the side of the spa.  I fold the cover back onto itself, then move the folder cover to sit on the holder, see photos.  I bought this about 2 decades ago, and a lot easier than lifting cover to the ground and lifting back up.  Especially if I'm naked !



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On 8/29/2020 at 6:26 PM, CanadianSpaTech said:

Thanks for the ideas, everybody.    Covana is very nice but I need to be able to see open sky.   

As for ultrapoolandspa, thanks for posting this site!  I had checked out the Ultralift, but learned that the max corner radius was 16, where my spa is 17, so that is a no-go, HOWEVER, the Boomerang on their site was recommended and I'm very intrigued by that as I'm told it does the maximum work possible in lifting the cover and is fine with 17 inches radius.   I hope they will confirm that in writing before I order.  If not, I'll be back here begging for help again.  : -)

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(I didn't finish the post, so completed it here.)
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