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Fiberglass pool faded after one year

mer jay

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On 7/21/2022 at 2:08 PM, Jerry Heier said:

We have the same problem with our River pool. It was installed12/2020. Have you had any success getting rid of it? Could this be a bad gel coat?

feel free to contact us maybe together we could get River Pools to listen or file a law suit.

Jerry Heier  540-842-8199


Had our pool installed in January 2020 color Maya, when we took the cover off in 2021 we could see fading.  To make a long story short, our pool is sooo faded now all white streaks and totally different than our original color.  We are so frustrated, I emailed Johnathan about a week ago and he responded with they can’t do anything with our pool until the weather gets warmer, blah, blah, blah. How are they installing all these new pools with the same gelcoat we have? Aren’t they fading also?? Wondering if you have heard anything else from them??  Cheryl Griffith 

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RIVER POOLS same issue with my R32.

Started seeing it into the second season.

This is our fifth year. 

Does anyone know if there’s a class action suit against this company. I’m sure the rest of you River Pools customers installed their composite pool because of good reviews and the ease and low cost of upkeep. Good grief now what ????







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Thursday Pool owner.  Aspen model installed in 2019.  Sun shelf is fading white on our third summer.  I don’t see it anywhere else in the pool beyond the sun shelf.  Thursday pools is pointing at saturation index of water but pool store test says it is normal.  Also had two chairs on the sun deck and when I removed them, color is still perfect underneath…even though it is exposed to the same water.   I believe it is sun damage fading the color.

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Colored fiberglass fades from the sun. Period. End of Story. White fiberglass is always your best bet and will look blue from the refraction of sunlight by the water, as you can see from these pics of my white fiberglass pool.DSCF0057.JPGDSCF0051.JPG


2 hours ago, Lafayette_ Tim said:

Thursday pools is pointing at saturation index

Calcium Saturation Index is a bogus measurement for fiberglass and vinyl pools. For a plaster or aggregate pool it's important since the pool surface is made of calcium and if there is too little in the water (pH also plays a factor) then it will be leached from the pool surface and etch it. If there is too much then you will have a problem with scale deposit and will need to acid wash. There is some anecdotal evidence that calcium too low could lead to colbalt spotting in fiberglass or leaching of plasticizer from vinyl but I have never seen anything conclusive. A CH of around 200 PPM seems to be all that is really needed.

3 hours ago, Lafayette_ Tim said:

I believe it is sun damage fading the color.


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Thursday Pools Wellspring graphite installed in 2021. We noticed fading/bleaching in 2nd season (2023) above the water line. Once we closed the pool for the winter we had very noticable fading below the water line. But, like Lafayette_tim said, we have chairs on the sun shelf and the color is fine underneath the chairs. The sun has faded it badly and in my opinion has nothing to do with water balance. I haven't notified Thursday Pools yet but after reading all of the comments here I don't think they'll help. Let's hope we can get some kind of help with our pools. This is not right. 

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