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New to the Spa (Hot Tub) scene, have had pools my whole life but having a hard time keeping the chlorine/bromine levels up. I don't want to over do it but need it to be safe of course. I have to add chlorine daily but ran out, using up the bromine that we got with the spa but would like to move away from that chlorine smell. I am considering two other options to replace the chlorine and bromine. First option is iONRx - https://www.ionrx.com/

Second option is Cleanwater Blue - https://www.spadepot.com/Cleanwater-Blue-Spa-Pro-Supplies-Kit-P2667

Third option is Chlorine or Bromine - If this is the most recommended, what regiment should I be doing......

Thanks for your help


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The first one is copper based algaecide. Most mineral purifiers for spas use silver ion. Not sure as I have never used copper in a spa.

The second is also a mineral sanitizer system. It is a kit so has what you need with only about half of it being useless. I also do not use liquid minerals, I prefer the cartridge, so can't speak to it's effectiveness.

I should point out that neither of these gets rid of the need for chlorine in your spa. Also, once you add sodium bromide to a spa it will always be a bromine spa until you drain it and start over.

Is it a new spa? Does it have an ozone generator? Have you ever used Ahh-Some spa purge?

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Sorry we were on vacation in Yellowstone last week with limited reception. Thank you for the info.


No its a older spa, but still runs great.

No ozone, but something we may look into.

No, I will look up ahh-some asap.


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