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Hello, Everyone.   This salt / chlorine generation has been a nightmare since buying my home with an inground pool 4 years ago.  (Salt, 28k gallon, gunite, 2 skimmers, 1hp super pump, DE hayward pro-grid filter). 

My issues are around chlorine generation.

The salt system is an older Mineral Springs MS-10 Control Panel with software version (r 1.40).  I just bought a brand new $900 Hayward salt cell (TCELL 940) a couple hrs ago. 

I have flow, I have power, I have all chemicals in, water tested, all good -- yet the following issues are present:

When I turn Control Panel off, and then switch back up to Auto (on), all green lights are activated and system is generating/working.   5 minutes pass and then I hear a single click noise inside the Panel and then the Green Light next to "Generating Sanitizer" disappears.  So I don't believe it's Generating anymore.   Secondly, Check Minerals gets lit up Red.  Thirdly, inspect cell gets lit up solid Orange (not blinking, and when I hold the selection button down for 3-4 seconds, it doesn't turn off, like I read it should).   So not sure what this is all about?

Could the older control panel not be compatible with the new salt cell?   (Think of hooking together a computer from 2005 with parts from today, 2020; compatibility may be an issue?) 

Also, what setting do I need to choose on the Control Panel.  AL-0, AL-1, AL-2, AL-3, AL-4, AL-5?   Perhaps the software version (r 1.40) isn't compatible, either?  I don't know.   Maybe time to just buy a new Control Panel from the year 2020?

I'm sooo tempted to just bulldoze and fill this pool in, and plant some pepper & squash plants!  

If anyone can lend a minute of assistance, it would be SOOO APPRECIATED!

Your Fellow American,





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You should have gotten some paperwork with the cell that explains how to change the, or how to tell the unit what cell you have. I believe you need to use either AL-0 or AL-1.  Not sure though, been a long time since i worked on one of those.

Sorry, i'm no help..

That looks like an old Aqua-Rite

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I just bought the same Hayward cell and installed it last week with the same Mineral Springs control board. Seemed to work at first but now the control board is shot, no display, flipped circuit breaker and nothing.  I suspect a compatibility issue too.  Did you find anything out?

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