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HotSpring Sovereign leaks


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I’m new to this forum but hopeful of some sound advice if possible please.

I have a 2002 HotSpring Sovereign that has developed a leak. I’ve spent some time investigating it myself as far as I can and have discovered that:

  1. The leak is coming from behind the back wall of the equipment bay and making its way into the bay from around the large black (vent?) pipe close below it. I've attached a photo to clarify. This is the area where the Heater OUT pipe goes through the back wall, just to the left of where the Ozone generator is located. With just the Circ pump running, I could actually hear it dripping at one point.

  2. The leak seems to be dependant on whether I have the Jets on/off and also the position of the Jet control diverter. For what its worth, I have seen no leak in the 9 o’clock position but heavy leaking when turned to 12 o’clock.

  3. Though it was leaking steadily, turning the jets on in the 9 o’clock position seems to have stopped it! Currently, with jets off, it is now not leaking, but I’m pretty certain I can start it up again by turning the jet diverter control.

  4. I have a broken Air Check valve. It’s the Watkins 70289 part which looks difficult to get hold of in the UK. The valve has just snapped off so the pipe is currently open, albeit tucked up above the control panel.

  5. Early on, when the leaked water level stopped below the last jet, I suspected the multi-jet pack in the front right corner and had a dig into the foam to see what I could find. I was pulling out wet foam from fairly high in the wall but found nothing substantial and later decided it wasn’t the main issue, since the area has now dried out anyway.

  6. I have applied the Fix-a-leak product which may well have resolved some minor issues but I doubt will resolve this.

  7. Circulation pump has just been replaced. Heater was replaced previously. There appears to be no leak from any of the plumbing around these devices.

I’m guessing I’ve got some kind of pressure related problem where the Jet diverter position relates to how large the leak is. Maybe this is entirely due to the broken air check valve or maybe its just a leak in the pipework that feeds certain jets.

As I say, I’m hopeful that this information might solicit some useful replies please. Worse case it looks like I could retain a hot ‘bath’ with limited/no jets but equally I accept that it just may need to be retired if it takes too much effort to fix.

Also, if anyone knows a UK supplier of the 70289 or an equivalent alternative replacement part, that would be great to know.

Many thanks, any/all advice is much appreciated.


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Have to find that leakpoint to fix it. You can use a razor knife to cut that plastic, just don't go too deep or you may hit something behind it. I would check around the jets that are on when it is leaking first. That water could originate from far away from the hole you find it at.

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