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Chlorine pool with bromine added

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I have a 16000 gallon chlorine plaster in ground pool and I accidentally added 15 ounces of a product called no more problems which is a sodium bromine (43%) product over the course of 4 weeks to my pool.  5 ounces each week or so.

Prior to doing this I had a constant low chlorine reading of 0.5 which I was continuously shocking with cal hypo.  I couldn't get it to go up.  

My ph is 7.4

Hardness 300

Alkalinity 130

Cya 65

The stuff I added was a liquid clarifier type product.  I've been told only way to remove it now is drain pool.

I'm still getting a 0.5 reading of chlorine.  

Is this small amount of Bromine something to worry about or has it burned off?

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65 is fine, surprised your pH is 7.4 with that alkalinity.  Sodium Bromide converts chlorine to bromine which is not effected by cya have you tried keeping a floater in the pool? A lot of guys used to run pools this way, add sodium bromide every week and keep tabs in the  pool.  Apparently it works for some.  In my experience sodium bromide breaks down slowly over the season it's my primary algaecide.

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