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A few more questions from new Jetsetter LX owner...


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Ok so now I'm wondering about the salt meter on my remote and the relation between salt and chlorine. All H20 values are in balance. Salt meter reads "OK" however it's at like the 7 - 8 o'clock position on the meter. Still ok,  just appears a bit low. Should I add some salt to get the meter at the 12 o'clock position? If I add salt will more chlorine be generated? 

Also what do you guys think about a silver cartridge? Worth it? Aside from the cost wonder what the pro's and con's are? THANK YOU!

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Thanks for the link RDspaguy.

Based on what I read (specifically): "Silver ions easily react with chlorines and nitrates that are present in the water, causing them to no longer be effective".

I will not be using the silver as it will make my sanitizer (chlorine) ineffective.


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Huh??? High chlorine or nitrates (which are bad) can render the silver ineffective, so a lower chlorine level is recommended. BTW, a pool or spas recommended chlorine levels are not considered high levels. If your levels are high enough to interfere with the silver it is too high to use.

You can do whatever you like. I personally have used them for a decade or so and recommend them to my customers. As a secondary sanitizer and to lower the required chlorine level.

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