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Tiger river bengal error code

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I have an older tiger river bengal model m hot tub, I recently fixed a leak at a flow valve, it worked fine th20200716_182526.thumb.jpg.f887093621cd4fd7081d6c44ef9fa0e4.jpge following day after the repair, but now the green light isn't on and its got some funky code on the readout. I have no idea what the isdue is so I took a few oics to hopefully help. Any input is appreciated. Thank you!




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Ok, from the top...

I have only seen something like that with a bad or wet controller or circuit board.

The green light is the "limit ok" light. It not on usually means you have a bad thermistor, (you can test those with an ohm meter) or a flow restriction causing the heater to overheat.

The "inlet" that resembles a drain grate in the footwell is the heater return, where the hot water (and ozone) enter the tub. Debris coming out of this means it is in the circulation pump, which is the small black pump by the heater that says "silent flo". With power off, use needle-nose vice grips to clamp hoses on either side of the pump/ heater and remove from equipment or remove equipment from spa. Use a hose to backflush from the heater through the pump to wash out debris. Use a screwdriver to turn the impeller as you go.

Then find out how debris got past your filter.😉

Let us know how it goes.


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