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Jim Clauss

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I have 120 on both inputs. How do I test output on trans? Assuming two yellow ones are output, how do I connect to them, I got nothing testing where wire connects at transformer coil(not sure if that's an accurate way to test) At plug (there's a black, white and two yellows going to transformer) there is 120 going to trans via black. Something clicks when I plugged it back in. Where/what are sensors?



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Check red to black, should be 240v.

The yellows are the load (output) side of the transformer. Put one lead on each yellow wire terminal at the plug on the board. They are not easy to get test leads on and must be plugged in to test.

There should be a wiring diagram on the box cover, post a pic of that.

There should be 2 small (usually gray) cables with a black and white pair or a black and red pair of wires that connect to a 4-pin connector at the board. These are the sensors. The ends are even harder to get on than the transformer and must be unplugged from the board. Set your meter to 20k ohms and test each.


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The temp sensor and the high limit sensor should be close to the same. The pressure switch should be open (no continuity) when power/ pump is off and 0 ohms (dead short) when pump is on.

Transformer is good.

If this all checks out, I'd say you need a new board. I usually recommend you upgrade the system to a vs system under these circumstances. Better system and more bang for the buck.

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