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Replacing Fiberglo broadcast lens

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Hi all. I have been fixing various components of my 14 year old pool which has the P2000 Pentair fiberstars lighting. Actually got it to light up again but replacing bulbs and ballast kit, but noticed that one of the broadcast lenses in the deep end is missing and someone put a return jet over the hole instead of the light. Since all the electrical components are located outside the pool, I’m wondering if this is a big deal to replace as well as would like to replace the other lenses in the pool with new lens covers as these are old and yellowed. Do I need to drain it? The fiber optics were definitely exposed to water in the one light being open. Any thoughts on how to do this or if it’s fried due to water is appreciated. 


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Well, darkness came and we turned the lights on and even without the lens cover, the lights worked. So I am going to replace the lens covers as they are all so yellowed. But, I am wondering how to do so without getting water inside. It doens’t Seem to matter with the one where water was in there, but....


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