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Epsom salt and sodium chloride with chlorine generator

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I have a question about using Epsom salt along with normal pool salt (sodium chloride) in my hot tub with a chlorine generator cell. My basic understanding is that the chlorine generator cell, AKA salt cell, works with sodium chloride in the water to activate the chloride ion so that it acts like sodium hypochlorite had been added.  We understand limitations to adding Epsom salt to some 3000 PPM because of corrosion concerns. If we add the Epsom salt to the salt water in the hot tub, will the chlorine generator cell still work to create chlorine? What about the sulfate ion from Epsom salt?  Please  feel free to correct any of the information that I have stated in my understanding. Please help me out with what seems to be a complex chemistry question. 

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4 hours ago, RDspaguy said:

I have never heard of epsom salt used in a salt cell. I would not recommend it. You should contact your salt cell manufacturer.

@Cusser, your thoughts?

Thanks for the response.   To clarify-- we want the Epsom salt for its perceived therapeutic properties. The concern is will it interfere with the NaCl salt cell chlorinating system.  

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