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Brown Staining - Frog System

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I recently re-filled my hot tub and I’m getting a new brown staining on the built in Frog system (pictured). I also have some brown / scum stains around the edges  I use the Frog system minerals and chlorine. When I filed my hot tub I used metal gon and have continued to use defender. Along with Enzymes and Bright & Clear. Levels check out good, chlorine is a little high right now. I also have a scum ball that started out white and turned pretty brown within a couple days. What am I missing? Any other chemical recommendations? Thanks in advance. 


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Not sure what is going on, but brown stains are associated with iron being oxidized out of the water. Metal gon is a sequesterant that is supposed to prevent this. The fact that the staining is at the chlorine cartridge suggests it is oxidation. Perhaps the metal gon needs more time to sequester the iron before being exposed to the oxidation of the chlorine. But I am no chemical expert.

Did you do anything different this time?

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