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E5 error

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Hi, I have a Netspa Izy. Having set it all up for the first time when putting it on to heat up an E5 error message comes on. The water is above the minimum line, I have started all over again many times but the error message still comes up so I have not been able to use my spa yet. Any ideas, thanks 

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I do not have a Netspa Izy, but a Canadian Spa Compay Swift Current V2, but on my unit E5 means that an over-temperature condition has occured and tripped the unit to turn off.   I would re-check your pipes and maybe your filter if it is integrated with your pump to see if you are actually getting water flow.. or as it's running check your jets. 

Having said that, it's brand new, maybe call the company or the retailer to ask.   

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Please start your own thread. This one is over a year old. Post up pictures of your spa pack insides, the wiring diagram on the back side of the cover and the general equipment area.

E5 seems to be an over temp error. Retry running the spa with the filters out. If it still overheats, it could be the temp sensor, a flow switch, a bad pump or a main board issue.

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I keep getting a E5 on my Alantic Wave Spa. I do the thermal reset cutout it works for awhile but it turns back to a E5. I've done this over n over. It must be something eles. Please someone tell me what eles could it be n how to fix. I'm really sick of this problem. I bought this spa to relax n instead its stressing me out!

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