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Need some more help please. We're working through the engineering and we have a 4ft sheer on a raised elevation (used to be 10'). This sheer will be a CMP Brilliant Wonders LED waterfall and I was telling the engineer that the wall had to be 24" thick because one pool builder told me that and this was her response

"The pool shell does not have to necessarily 24 inches thick to fit the water feature. I have seen many go in an 8 inch shell, it depends on the product you are using and the means and methods of the builder.'

I can't find and information on the wall thickness for the sheer but I need all the plumbing and electrical to be in the wall because it's the outer wall of the pool and I don't want it exposed and prone to damage from lawn equipment and such. Can anyone help me figure out what to tell the engineer or should this be a custom block wall or something after gunnite? Pictures below for reference and the columns are a similar question.

Columns 2.jpg

Columns 3.jpg

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11 hours ago, RDspaguy said:

I am no pool builder, but I am sure an 8" wall would be more than sufficient to contain the water feature and its plumbing. If you want it wider than that, that is a matter of choice. Build it as wide as you would like.

Thanks for the reply. I think we want the thickness to make the aesthetics work we're just trying to figure out the best way to get there (gunnite or concrete or block or something else)

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