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replacing insulation after plumbing repair

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I insulate the cabinet by using foam board in between the frame posts. The spray foam you can buy at the store is adhesive and it shrinks when used to fill large voids, so can damage the plumbing you just fixed. It's insulative effects are blown out of proportion by manufacturers as a marketing scheme. It is useful as a support for the hoses, so a bit sprayed in open areas (not near jets or manifolds) can reduce pipe movement from pump activation.

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Oh! I am actually happy to read about the advice to spray it only in open space (I was just about doing this in my garage). Never thought about the down sides of the adhesive or the foam you mentioned above. Looks like not everything written on the product is true. I knew that companies use to lie for their marketing, but not in the way it could damage the materials! I wish they would use customer-friendly marketing strategies, not just selling trash under cute packaging.
I have a question relating the surface preparing cause I've read on https://mitersawjudge.com/best-benchtop-jointer-reviews-and-buying-guide/ that it's a bit tricky . Are there any suggestions to do like some special cleaning before applying the spray?

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