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New home owner/new pool owner plumbing help

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Hi bought a house very cheap because solar that heated pool on roof leaked causing a hole in roof. Now solar was removed and pool plumbing (Solar)capped off. So when I turn on my pump it works fine however when I go to hook up pool sweep in skimmer it does not move it’s almost as if the pump stops working also. I’ve checked for leaks on hose on lid at unions I’ve used a drain bladder at pump and skimmer. However there is a Jandy valve that is labeled solar on one side and pool the other when I turn valve to pool I hear a rush of water in pipes at pump I’m not used to hearing however it actually makes the pool sweep move.  I’m not sure what this valve does nor can I figure anything out due to prior solar and my limited knowledge. Also why does my pool have 2 drains at the bottom? I will attach photos  The black pipes are the ones I hear the rush of water. 

Thank you 





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4 hours ago, AmeliaNorth said:

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You do know this is a pool and spa forum, right?

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If Alltheway comes back, tell him/her to close both of the blue handled valves and rotate the Compool valve 90 degrees clockwise (till the handle points to 9 oclock). That will give you all the flow back to the pool, and all the suction, barring a clean filter.

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Are you sure that this method will work? It seems like there's no flow back to the pool and you may have to change some valves. Anyway, I don't think that anyone can find the right way out without seeing this installation in reality. Therefore, you better call https://goldcoastplumbingcompany.com.au/, for help. I always appeal to their services when it comes to plumbing, as they're the best in town! Don't worry about the costs. You'll know the price before they start to work, because they have unique fixed pricing on all water services. Honestly, I'm really pleased with this company.

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