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Emergency short-term tub freeze prevention?

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Well, the mainboard in my 2002 Caldera Paradise Martinique went out and I am waiting on a replacement.  No problem... except my area is getting an unexpected late cold snap.  

This is supposed to get down to 35 tonight, a high of 64 but then a low of 45 tomorrow night, and a high of 47, low of 27 Friday night (eek!) and then possibly a low of 33 on Monday.

The tub is currently full of water but is not running.

Should I drain this or not?  I have some thought that the larger body of water may help avoid freezing but am not sure.  I am also aware of the concept of winterizing but have never done it, always run straight through winter. I do have a shop vac and an air compressor - just not confident I'd adequately get the water out, and I don't have any antifreeze handy, though I could get some.

The tub has a drain hose, but I have never used it for fear of the drain hose cap not sealing back on tightly after I go to re-fill.  I use a submersible pump to drain, typically - would the hose be likely to get out more water? I have also never opened the jet pump or circ pump or heater water fittings so have the same concerns about sealing back up tightly.

Even if I do drain it, I'm pretty sure I won't get ALL the water out, so I'd still be at risk for freezing of residual water. I do have a tarp that is big enough to cover the whole thing all the way to the ground.  I thought about putting some blankets around the base of the spa (which sits on plastic panels above gravel above dirt) and throwing the tarp over it, fastened down with rocks.  I also have a small electric heater I could probably set up on the end near the control panel and route the air under the tarp, though I have concerns about the fire risk there.

Thanks for any thoughts/advice!




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You really should work with your drain hose. I'm sure you can do something with your drain hose cap to make it work as it should. If you sent me a few photos of your drain hose, I might be able to help guide you in the right direction. In general, the idea of a compressor is a great option. I do not know what model you have, but I use the Craftsman CMEC6150K Air Compressor, which occupies the 3rd position in this top https://trimthatweed.com/best-air-compressor-for-home-garage/ and is an excellent model. This compressor has been in my garage for about 6 years and I can say that it has helped me in many ways.

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