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Which swim spa to buy??

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I don't own a swim spa, but have worked on many. My advice is the same as for a regular spa, look for a good dealer, not a good deal.

If you plan to exercise in it you will not want it very hot, as you will quickly become overheated. If you plan to relax in it, you will want it hot. Hope that helps.

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I've been looking for a swim spa. Narrow down my search between Challenger and Endless pool. I would like to test a Michael Phelps signature but my local dealer didn't have one available, so I ended up testing the Challenger. Challenger than the endless pool, nice swim spa, plenty of features. But in my opinion, the endless pool swimming experience will be very hard to match by any other vendor. If swimming is the most important aspect of your swim spa, I would say go with an endless pool. 


Good luck with your search. 


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Endless pools are unique in the manner that they move water. Most swim spas use standard pumps to jet the water out to create the flow you swim against. Endless pools have a big boat-like propeller in the tub behind a grate that creates a large volume of water movement. This is driven by a hydraulic pump and its flow is variable. It is tough to compete with an endless pool for swimming, but it is expensive due to the stainless steel construction and pricey pool type equipment housed separately from the tub, and not very good for lounging in. It is also more likely to develop biofilm as the suction for the swim feature flows under the uncomfortable flat bench seat, and is stagnant when the swim feature is not on. At least the ones I have worked on, new ones may be different. But there is no beating its flow, as it moves nearly all of the water in the tub.

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