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Burned motherboard?


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Hi. My hot tube was working perfect and out of nowhere I heard bzzz smell burn and all stopped working. I checked main fuse on power to board and to heater and both are fine but spotted burn on my balboa board where is connection between heating element and board. The connection was tight before fact. When tested heating element showing 11-13 ohm but few times jumped to 30?! Any idea what was the cause of that and if my mother board need to be replaced as well as heating element? Images attached.thanks for any help. 




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Just the element. Be sure the element does not touch the side of the heater tube or you will burn it out. I usually insert a big screwdriver into the tube alongside of the element whilt tightening the nuts. The old element may need a bit of persuading to come out, and the new can be tricky to get back in and keep the o-rings on it. If you use needlenose or anything, pad the jaws so you don't scratch the element. Get the titanium, it's worth it. And be gentle with the terminals, twist the shaft below the threads and you will get to do this all over again. If any of this intimidates you, buy the complete heater and save yourself time and money. But still be careful with the terminals.

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On 4/30/2020 at 6:57 AM, Piotrek said:

Thanks a lot

Can I ask how you when about fixing this issue? the same thing just happened to me. Pictures are almost identical to how mine looks. the Heating element and motherboard were brand new and install about 8 months ago

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