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I was gifted a 4 person ez-spa by Dream Maker, it is a little bit older and has been sitting for a couple of years without running. We cleaned it up really nice and plugged it in for a test drive and it kept tripping the breaker. After watching a few videos on you tube, and by the looks of it, I believe I need a new pump. 

My question is, does this type of spa require a heating element/sensor or does it require a heating pump? 

This is what everything looks like. It appears to me that there is not an additional heating element, just the pump, but when I look at the control panel, the circuit for OZONE is missing. So, I am left wondering if this a missing part or if all I need to do is replace the pump and that's what would control the heating of the spa as well.

What do I need to buy? I've looked up several pumps but am confused on what would work best for this model of spa. 20200426_185652.thumb.jpg.1f6bbaa4bab1d3d5389509cafa196383.jpg20200426_185521.thumb.jpg.9199f33ad1febbae2e68fdaf70cd67ed.jpg

Any advice would help, I am just trying to figure out how to get this spa up and running so I can enjoy it!! imageproxy.php?img=&key=2779414d84b1995bimageproxy.php?img=&key=2779414d84b1995bimageproxy.php?img=&key=2779414d84b1995bimageproxy.php?img=&key=2779414d84b1995b20200426_185713.thumb.jpg.63283a579d87977678da49eb7974aeac.jpg



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Hi, There is no heater and the ozone was likely an option that was not selected. Looks like some photos did not load. This type of spa uses water friction to create heat. It would likely take about 36 + hours to heat up to 100 degrees unless you can hook your garden hose up to your hot water and fill it with hot water to cut down your start up time...not softened water though.

I can see in the one pic of the pump that the impeller shaft has split and locked the shaft of the motor in place. I would recommend replacement based on the overall condition.

You need a Single Speed 12 AMP Maximum, Center Discharge 1.5" in and out (Plumbing size)

Replacement option here:



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