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Which Relay for Pump To Replace - Balboa


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I have a Strong Spa with a Balboa Control Pack (1500) , and It intermittently started not wanting to activate the high speed on my pump. Now it's constant. I makes a weird noise and shuts down the pump completely when I try to engage high speed. I will then come on in low speed a few minutes later. First I thought it was a bad pump, but after having researched a little, I have found out that I have a stuck relay for the pump. It's a 2 speed pump, and it's constantly running on speed 1. The jet diode is not even on, and I'm unable to switch to high speed. Instead of buying a new control board, I want to replace just the relay. My problem is that I'm not 100% sure which relay is related to the pump. I think it's K6, but want to be sure, as I would prefer only to do this once, and only 1 relay.

Attached are all the info needed I think.



Print Board Part.jpg



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6 hours ago, CanadianSpaTech said:

I'm going to say the 2 K5 relays. Remove the board and look for darknd or burnt areas on the backside of the board at those 2 relays. Replace both. Also recommend using a pro. I also have my guy do all the relays while he is in there and freshen up the board.

Thanks. I'm unsure what you mean by 2 K5 relays? You mean K5 and K6? Probably not a bad idea about getting a pro to do it. I should be able to find someone in my area that can solder boards at a reasonable price. The relays are cheap.

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Replace ALL the relays. Relays are cheap and if you are using a pro it shouldn't take more than 1 hour of time and he is going to charge you 1 hour of time if you do 1 relay or 5 relays...or do the pump relays and in 3 months do the heater and high limit relays.

If you only want to do the 1 the pro should be able to test and tell you what one it is...or isn't

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I am contemplating replacing the pump, however I would love if I could confirm that it is drawing too many amps.

Is this an easy test? Especially since the relay is stuck? Assuming I would use a voltmeter, what is too many amps, and what is the procedure?

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kriphead - what did you end up doing? 

I changed all 3 relays which looked the same kind, worked like a charm, then back the same problem after a few runs. Low speed relay is stuck and won't disengage, so when selecting high speed, the motor locks up and system shuts down. 

I have no idea which one is the low speed relay, but don't want to change all 3 again.

Resigning myself to a motor change out as well as all 3 relays...again.

Mine is a Balboa BP501X system fyi installed on a CanadianSpaCompany Toronto....and you know its an issue when they have a video of their Techs with the same issue.....and their solution is they'll sell the same controller for $1200....when it looks like a pump motor issue????

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I think I have the exact answer you are looking for.

As you remember, I was in the same situation as you. Replaced 3 large relays and worked only for a short time, then same issue.

Then, instead of relying on the feedback here that it was one of the 3 relays, I had the same guy that replaced all 3 larger relays run test on the board after it happened again, and as it turn out, it was the smaller K4 relay (See schematic earlier in this thread) that was the culprit. NOT the larger relays!

I was unable to find the exact same relay (Zettler AZ762-1A-12DE), however bought a relay which needed 2 legs cut off (Zettler AZ762-1C-12DE). He replaced only that relay and everything has worked great since!

I would not replace pump before you try and replace the smaller relay.

I attached 2 pictures of the NEW relay 

Good Luck!

relay front.jpg

relay back.jpg

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That is fantastic. Much appreciated !!

The gentleman who replaced my original relays was not confident about testing the rest of the board, so this is awesome news!!

I was beginning to question a lot. To over-current a 30A relay in low speed to the point it fuses the internal contacts together should have tripped the fuse first. To add the fact that in low speed this relay is likely not in operation makes more sense.

A 16A relay going bad sounds more realistic and now thinking about this a bit more it makes sense; the 16A relay has to be the low speed control relay. It could still mean the pump motor could be drawing close to that amperage at low speed still particularly on start up, so that relay could fail again (it did it once and happens on more than 1 Balboa system). Did you measure the motor current draw at low speed at start up by chance? 

Can I ask where you sourced your relay?

Thanks so much!!


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No. I actually never did the current draw test. I agree, it could happen again, but it's cheaper and faster to switch the smaller relay first and see what happens. Granted, it's not great when you replace the wrong ones first, but hey, still feel pretty good about the money spend up to this point. Particularly comparing the alternative.

I bought the relay off Amazon, as it was the only place I could find at that point with 1 in stock in US without having to buy like 500 of them. I paid around $20 for it, which was crazy high, but again, I didn't like the idea of waiting for a relay from China to arrive.

Be very aware of the part number and make sure they send you what they show. I found multiple discrepancies when I searched I remember. I also ended up with slightly different part, but luckily it was not a problem to modify.


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