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I've lost all the Lighting in my tub.  I'm assuming it's the LED controller but I can't find it.  When I find it, I'll check to make sure there's voltage getting to it.  If there is voltage, I'll likely try to replace the controller.  When I find it and remove it, maybe I'll try to get it repaired.  So to recap;

Where is it?

Any tips on troubleshooting it?

Jacuzzi J375, 2014

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I am not sure where they hid it on that brand. I would just track the wiring from the control box to find it. There may be a fuse for the light circuit on the circuit board, I would check for voltage at the board light connection first, and check for a fuse if there is no voltage.

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https://www.guillens.com/images/JAC/Pdf/JPS/2014-1 Parts Catalog.pdf ....page 57

The main controller box (blue box with ribbon tape attached) is usually located on left hand side right at the corner mounted to the wood frame.  Follow the blue wire back into the pack and test for power coming off the board there. There may also be a fuse inside the blue control box. I think the blue power wire is wired into the transformer but can't remember if it is 12v dc or other. If you have power coming off the board and going to the blue box next I would open the blue box and check for a fuse and or test for power there. Please let us know results

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