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Pools Spa jet question.Do these unscrew?

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I have a spa that overflows into my pool.  I noticed the jets suddenly were not pushing out much water, then my blower was not working.  I replaced the blower, the new blower kept overheating.  We narrowed it down to having some sort of blockage.  We had rotorooter try and clear the line (way overpriced) then we used a gas pump and pulled the water back from the spa, hoping to dislodge anything, there was a small piece of plastic that came out.  Then we pumped through the jets in hopes to push anything out.  

STILL, the blower is overheating and the jets seem very weak without the blower.  ALSO the overflow into the pool is weak.  I would think this means there is still something clogging behind the jets??

Is there a way to unscrew the jets?  If so what tool? I have attached a picture of one of the jets.  I think my next step would be to unscrew jets, if that dosn't work, drill a hole in the blower pipe to decrease back pressure but I would prefer to fix this right. I am just scare of breaking the plastic and creating more issues.


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