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Vita Spa won't keep daily temp.

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I have a Vita Spa L700. Ive had a problem lately where it won't keep the daily temperature. I can set the heat for a day, and it will heat to that temp (100 degrees) and hold it to the end of the day. The next day I go out to use it, the temp on the display is flashing. I can adjust the temp setting which is still flashing 100, but the water temp is lower, typically it shows low 90's. The only way I can get it to heat up again is to run the system diagnostics by pressing the "Prog" button 3 times. It will then run the 3:30 minute Diagnostic. After that has finished, I can then set the temp to the daily temp again and it will heat up for the day. Next day I have to do it all over again. Anyone else having this problem or know of a solution?

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If you have the flashing temp of doom.  This means your high heat limit was triggered.       

Causes are either stuck flow sensor in the on position.  Plastic clear fitting w two wires going to it.  If you turn tub off.  Use a multimeter or voltmeter and w tub off test across those two connectors.  Should be open circuit w tub off.  If this reads connection or continuity it is bad.   

Diagnosed mine and replaced.  Works good as new.  If this doesn't turn out to be your issue.   Could be bad heater relay or bad circ pump overheating and shutting off till it cools off.   Hope this helps 


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