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Dream Maker Cabana Suite 3500L


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Hello, I recently purchased a Dream maker Cabana suite 3500L. At first I loved it, but now 4 months in I am having a couple of issues. First, the jets and waterfall seem to be pulsating and you can hear the pump pulsating. I thought maybe a dirty filter or something was the problem, I ended up draining the whole tub, cleaning it, and refilling it. Problem came back. Second issue is, I have noticed that I am losing an inch of water in less than a week with very light use of 1 person. Something seems very odd to me for this tub being only a few months old; hoping for some thoughts. Thank you.

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Surging, or cavitation, in a pump is typically the result of air being pulled into the pump on the suction side. Mostly caused by low water level, but could also be a suction leak.

Losing an inch in a week is not excessive, depending on how often it is used, the ambient air temperature and humidity, how well your cover fits, etc...

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