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Watkins vanguard issues

Aaron jay

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I have a 2006 Watkins’s vanguard vv2h2936. I just got it hooked up and can only get jet 1 to come on.  If I plug the leads from jet 2 into the terminals for jet 1 jet 2 will work.  I’m not getting any voltage to the leads on jet two.  There is also no jet display on the control head coming on like it does when I turn on jet one.  Also I have no voltage to the heater.  Heater ohms out at about 17.  Incoming voltage is correct and landed correctly.  Control jumpers are on jp1, jp8,jp9.  Could the problem be in the control head? I pulled it out and looked it over and the only thing I seen was the wires for the control light was damaged but nothing else.   The IQ2020 board doesn’t appear to be damaged.  Any trouble shooting tips would be great!   

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