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Aqua Living / RecDirect Factory Outlets?

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I am looking to install a hot tub at our RV location for when we’re there in the summer and fall.  I have a dedicated 30a/110v circuit that I can use, so am looking to put in a plug and play tub.

In doing my homework, Aqua Living Factory Outlets appear to be RecDirect Factory Outlets (I’m assuming that they’re one in the same).  I’ve seen a few of the complaints filed against RecDirect, but it’s unknown how many satisfied customers are out there. The Internet typically brings out the largest number of complaints, but not necessarily the same amount of compliments.

I’ve been looking at Aqua Living Factory Outlets, and specifically their PP41 model.  In initial discussions with them, they tell me that they use all Balboa components (controller, pumps, jets).  

I understand that Balboa is a good manufacturer of these components.  Is that the case?

Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge of them, and the quality of their product?  My budget for this is $5,000.  Thanks.


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This place is a scam! Bought in May 2019. Was told 7 weeks. Now going on 9 months and no swim spa. Paid $17k up front. Kathy Palmieri (sales/customer service) and Brian Elmore (Regional Sales Manager?) are awful. Can't get a hold of her and when you can she has no idea where the swim spa is. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

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