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Swim spa as substitute for regular pool in hot climates (Phoenix, AZ)?

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We are considering buying both a spa and a swim spa/pool. I used my old spa every day so know want a smaller typical spa for this purpose in our new house. Instead of doing an in ground pool (really don't want to deal with the maintenance, costs, etc.) we though of doing a large and deep swim spa. How well do these do in 100+ degree weather as was hoping could jump in it to cool off rather than keep at elevated temperature, but second guessing that since it is above ground and covered if realistic chance it would stay similar temps as an in ground pool? I also like the idea of using it for exercise but really want to ensure it also works well just as a pool to cool off in too (without using a cooler unit).

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Your not gonna cut out maintenence in anything that holds water. I feel pools are simple to maintain. Use a swg and a robot and you do very little.  Swim spas are nice if your an actual swimmer amd exercise with it. Nothing beats an inground pool for cooling off but I'm in the northeast i dont deal with 100+ here

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