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Solid input on Master Spas Quality in 2019??????


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I've been shopping for a hot tub for about 3 weeks.  I've scavenged this site for general hot tub advice and info on reputable brands.  I've concluded these three things:

1. A dependable dealer is as important as the quality of the manufacturer.

2. A wet test is a must.

3. Master Spas is not held in high esteem.

So far I picked out a Jacuzzi LX-L.  I'm about half way between two dealers.  Neither have it in stock, so I have to wet test a different model, and I don't really know if I'm going to like the finish of the tub when it comes in.  The LX-L is feeling like a bit of a leap for me.

I have a Marquis Dealer who can offer me a wet test in a Vector Series tub, but they don't have a Signature series in stock to wet test.  They also don't have a cabinet I like.

I found a Dynasty dealer in my area with a sterling reputation.  Although I can't find a lot of information on Dynasty on this site, the sales person tells me he only has a 2% service call rate on warrantied tubs.  I really like their stacked stone cabinet and would be tempted to order one now, but they can't provide a wet test.  He said their facilities don't meet Houston city code for wet testing. I'd be completely breaking the wet testing rule if I buy this tub.

Meanwhile Master Spas has a warehouse stocked full of tubs 30 minutes away.   They have a stone cabinet I like, and they are willing to pull any tub I want for a wet test.  I've questioned them about warranty work.  They said they bought out the franchised dealer in this area and have retained her on contract to service their tubs.  I keep coming back to Master Spas because they have models I like and the stacked stone cabinet options I like.  Can anyone speak to their general quality while ruling out their sales model?  Is the Balboa equipment reliable?  Is this a tub that will last 10 years if maintained properly?  

Thanks in advance for input!

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Purchased a Master Spa Twilight 7.25 Friday. The dealer has excellent reviews on Yelp, Google. Everything the reviews said identically matched my experience at Suntek. The tub itself, has ozone, in-line and UV filtration, full foam, rolled tub body, touch screen, leds in and on top of the tub, a water fall, WiFi, biomagnets, all balboa parts,  multiple cabinet and shell options.I went to Sundance, hot spring, marquis, bullfrog, Costco and spent months comparing, reading reviews, and reading through multiple forums... Marquis and Master spa were my two clear choices at the end. I went master spa because they were the dealer that actually took the time to answer questions and discuss at length my project. Sundance and hot spring weren’t terrible.. but they were thousands 3-5,000 more for similar specs and their parts were proprietary and there sales people were far less knowledgeable. 

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All I can say is that I hope you get a good one.  I bought a Masters spa and it arrived damaged and defective.  After they tried and failed to fix the damaged foam insulation.  I discovered 2 defective Jets, one of which is one of the largest in my tub.  Masters considers that a minor defect.  I have no option to return it and now have to wait several months before they will fix it right.  In the end I will have a repaired tub that I paid a premium for.  Maybe there is a reason Masters has so much stock available.

Good Luck

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