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Spa Allergy

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This is the 3rd season we have had our spa (it came with the house when we moved in) and up until this year I have not had any problems at all. However, over the past month I have developed a really itch allergic reaction to something in the water - mostly on my chest, upper back, torso and a few spots on my legs. My Dr. told me to take a  shower after the spa and use plenty of soap but it's not really helping much. We use the spa most days but I'm at the point of wondering if my spa days are over .

For sanitation we have a UV unit which we replaced a couple of years ago and we used bromine pucks which are in a floating dispenser in the spa when we are not using it. We check the pH and the bromine level each day and adjust the flow through the bromine dispenser as necessary to keep the bromine level where it should be.

Are there alternatives to Bromine that I should consider or could it be something else


Any feedback at all would be great.








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There are many maintenance systems for spas.

H2o2, hydrogen peroxide, is a great system used in hospital and sport therapy tubs and stainless steel tubs and swimspas. It is kinda expensive, has a significant investment in feeder system, causes a very high alkalinity, and uses dangerous chemicals.

This is my recommended system that I also use in my own tub(s).

My system for private spas, which I recommend to my customers and use in my own tub(s) is simple, inexpensive, and in my experience trouble free.

Fill up
Fill spa through filter inlet.
Start spa and test pumps.
Test water.
Balance alkalinity to 100ppm.
Wait at least 4 hours.
Test water.
Balance ph to 7.4-7.6
Add 4 tsp dichlor
Wait 30 minutes.
Test water.
If total chlorine is higher than free chlorine, shock with 4 tsp dichlor.
Wait 30 minutes. Test.

After each use of the spa, add 1tsp plus 1/2 tsp per person in the spa of dichlor.
Each week, test water and balance alk and ph as needed. Since dichlor is ph neutral you should not need to do much.
If total chlorine is higher than free chlorine, shock with 4tsp dichlor. If you have ozone you will not need to shock.
Each month, remove filter(s) and rinse with hose.
Every 3 months, clean filter thoroughly. If using a filter cleaning solution be sure it is all completely rinsed from the filter fibers before re-installation.
Every 6 months, drain and refill.

Always leave cover open for 30 minutes after adding chemicals to prolong cover life.

To avoid foam in your spa, do not wash your spa suit in detergent and fabric softener, rinse with plain water or just wear your birthday suit. Do not allow hair treated with product to contact water, wear hair up. Avoid suntan lotion, baby oil, and other skin care products prior to use. Do not get makeup in the water. Always rinse off before use. 

Avoid extra chemicals, scents, conditioners, clarifiers, borate, etc... They will only create problems and cause more frequent water changes.

Mineral sticks, such as spa frog or nature2, are ok to use but un-necessary.

You need:
Chlorinating granules (99% dichlor)
Ph increaser
Alkalinity increaser
Dry acid
Test strips with free and total chlorine
You may use:
Filter cleaner
Foam down

This is my method. There are many methods of maintaining your spa, this is my preference. Others may advise you differently, that is their preference. What matters is finding a method that works for you. Try it out. You can always pour in a basketful of chemicals later if this does not work for you.
Best of luck.

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53 minutes ago, dlleno said:

the one point that caught my attention in the OP was that there was a sudden onset of skin irritation.  Have you purged this puppy?  

Dlleno, this post has been double hijacked. The person we are talking to now is not the OP, or even the SP (second poster). Otherwise, I am right there with you.

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