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Heater won’t go above 81 degrees


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I recently purchased a Superior Spa hot tub used. Before buying everything worked as it should. Temp was around 98 when I went to look at it. Once hot tub was relocated, and filled, the heat would not get above 77 degrees when the temp was set at 95. I have turned the temp up to 105 and it won’t go above 81 degrees. 


I did some research and found it could be a possible flow restriction from the filter or a clogged pipe. I’ve also read to use a multimeter to check voltage at the heater terminals. 


I do do not have a manual for this tub and after looking on google it seems the company is out of the UK and for some reason no info will load on their website. 



Does anyone have any info on where I can obtain specific information on my model of hot tub? Get a manual?


Had anyone had a similar issue as I, to help troubleshoot my problem?


Thanks for reading.





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Check the pressure switch (if there is one).  There might be flow because the pump is pumping but the switch won't allow the heater to come on because the flow isn't enough.  The point of the pressure switch is to turn the heater off to prevent the heater from being damaged.  The heat of the pump may be enough to keep the temp at 81 degrees.  

Jumper the pressure switch to see if the heater comes on.  If it does then you need to either replace or adjust the switch.

Worth a look and a try.

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Yes it has a pressure switch. If the flow isn’t enough should I still bypass it and turn the heater on. 


How do I know if the heater is on or not? Also how do you jumper the pressure switch? I’ll check YouTube or google.



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