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Buying first swim spa - questions for the newbie

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Slab is built.   Swim Spa order is about to go in.  We've looked at a few.  about to pull the trigger. 

for a 14 footer, the real question we are trying to answer is whether it CAN be a unicorn pool...  swim when we want to swim, and hot tub when we want to hot tub.   We plan to keep it nice and warm (89-ish) for swimming.  But how long does it really take to warm up to a hot-tub temp?    I'm pretty handy so the idea of adding a gas water heater isn't out of the question.  But I'd hate to start tearing apart our brand new swim spa.   Natural Gas is about 5 feet away from where we are putting it though.  ;)

So does a swim spa really scratch both the pool and the hot tub itch? 

We are looking at the ES14, believe it or not.  We like the bench seating in the hot tub area.  We had been pretty hot on swimspamanufacturers.com but when product questions got a little harder they lost interest in us.   But for a toe-in to a swim spa it didn't look bad. 

I've never read a 'complaint' about a swim spa.  Guessing that is because once someone spends 15-40k on a set-up they are going to like it.  because it isn't like you can just send it back! 

But the info on these really is sparse.   I'll probably do an entire blog/write-up on my experience to share with would-be swimmers. 


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We bought a used TidalFit 14 ft swimspa and finding info on it has been hard.  The manual that came with it is pretty much useless.

However, we love it for swimming and for relaxing.  Ours has several places to sit but really only one jetted seat so we have to take turns using that seat.

Ours is in our garage so we can use it year around. As far as heating it up it took approximatly 24 hrs to reach the 87 degrees we set it on.

Good luck and congrats on getting a swim spa!

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We just bought a Tidal Fit ep-14

we are having trouble keeps the filter on. It was on 24-7 now it will only stay in for a minute. There is nothing in owners manual or online. Your the first person I found who owns one.

any suggestions?? 


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