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Jacuzzi Price / Market Check

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Hello everyone, wanted to run some numbers by the group to get a market check.  I am located in the greater NY area and received two quotes from my Jacuzzi dealer.  Here are the details:

Quote 1 - Floor Display Model (never used in store)

It's a J-480 with bluewave speaker system factory installed.  Was told retail is $21,999 and quoted $16,000 for tub and cover.

Quote 2 - brand new from factory

It's a J-475 without bluewave.  Was told retail is $20,999 and quoted a price of $17,499 for tub and cover.

I realize this isn't quote apples to apples as the floor model has the bluewave installed and the factory model doesn't.  I have a request in to the dealer for a price to upgrade the J-475 to Bluewave.

Each quote includes delivery, setup, and starter chemicals.  I'm planning on upgrading to the Oxidizer and was quoted $249.00.  Smart Tub upgrade was quoted at $799.


Would love some feedback from the group on the reasonableness of these quotes.  My spouse prefers the J-480 but my instinct tells me that for a floor model I should be getting more than a $1,750 discount over the new model.  

Thanks everyone.

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I don't know the New York market, but I know prices are higher than in the midwest, where I am.  Floor model pricing can be tricky.  As a dealer (Hot Spring, Caldera, Marquis) I have to take into consideration a few factors when selling a floor model.  How long has it been on my showroom floor, are there any blemishes, and how motivated am I to sell a display model.  If this is a floor model that has only been on display for days or a few weeks, I do not discount much if at all.  If I have been sitting on the hot tub for months, then I discount more. 

$1,750, in my opinion, is a very fair discount for a display model (assuming its a 2019) that has never been filled.

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