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2015 Hot Spot TEMPO..turns on automatically? Won't heat

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We bought this house one year ago this month.  as far as I can tell we have a Hot Spot TEMPO 2015.  It has been working fine.  We have used it last Summer and this past fall and into the winter.  My wife and I got in it just last week a few times.

Today is Thursday, Feb 7.  On Monday I noticed it was on - I could hear it.  walking by it.  the jets were on.  I have noticed randomly through the year that it would be on and most of the time it is the kids forgetting to turn the jets off so i didn't think anything of it.

But on Monday it was on and the temp said 70 degrees.  So I turned the jets off by hitting the JETS button until they cut off.  It was "on" in jet level 1.  I pressed the + symbol and the temp showed me 104 degrees so I thought "great, i just set it to 104, it will heat up" and walked away.  TEMP LOCK was off.  I keep it off.

Even today (3 days later) the hot tub will randomly turn on jet level 1 and it will not heat.  I have reset the breakers and powered it off for a while - still the same thing:

It will randomly turn on and it will not heat.

Any help before I have to pay an ungodly amount of money for the local pool people to come look at it?  Thanks.





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When you say the pump comes on ( jet level 1 ), is that Jet pump 1 low speed? When jet pump 1 comes on in low speed are you seeing the 2 rows of dashes that would indicate a pressure switch error. If you do not get the dashes and the pump is running, might be the heater. Either way, you should call your dealer for a service call.

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Yeah...i turn it all off and I come back by 10-15 minutes later and it's jet level 1 - pump low speed and the LCD just shows 74 degrees now...and it is on and I never turned it on.  Why is it coming on automatically even after I turn it off?  there is no Filter set on and it's not in CLEAN mode...I literally hit MENU and go to SYSON and turn it off and the LCD shows NOTHING but the temp and later I come back by and it is on again.  YES - it is not heating, but if the heat pump is messed up, THAT would make it keep turning on automatically?

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