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Caldera cantabria or hot springs envoy nxt?

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Both are quality spas.  I was a Caldera dealer through 2018 and have been a Hot Spring dealer since 2017. 

Both models are the upper tier from both manufacturers.  Even though the Cantabria is a decent amount larger, I personally do not think it fits many more people.  The Envoy is 5 and maybe 6 in the Cantabria.  I think Hot Spring has a better filtration system and is slightly better insulated.  It also has the wireless touchscreen control panel where the Caldera is a fixed touchscreen.  ABS frame on the Hot Spring and wood on the Caldera.  The UltraMassage lounge in the Cantabria is really nice, so long as you fit the lounge well (I didn't, floated like crazy).  Assuming you are looking at 2019 models, then both will have the Freshwater Salt System.  If the Caldera is a 2018, then no salt whereas the Hot Spring is salt compatible regardless of year.

Ultimately, you need to wet test and see which is a better fit for you.  Consider the dealer as well since they are the ones taking care of you after the sale.  I would expect the Envoy to be about $1,500 less (at least that's what my price difference was last year).

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I have a Hot Springs Grandee NXT which is one size up from the Envoy.  One comment to add regarding the Envoy.  We originally intended to buy the Envoy, but after sitting in it discovered that the lounge seat is too short for a man over 6 foot, and 5'4" woman needed a scuba weight belt to keep from floating up.  So glad we sat in it before we bought.  Very happy with the Grandee's seating and jet features.  It is also a little deeper than the Envoy, so if you have tall people, that might be a consideration.  Grandee is supposed to seat 6-7, but with 4-5 people it is plenty crowded.  The two of us each have a back massager MotoJet, so no fighting for that seat.  I like that I can bring the touchscreen into the house and keep an eye on the spa, too. 

Ours is a model 2018 with the ACE system, which I was told was replaced by a different salt water system for 2019.  I am a newbie and this is my first hot tub, but I am happy with the features.  We looked an an awful lot of spas before we bought. 


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