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240V Circ Pump 3 wire cable 2 hot and ground

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Hey all,

I am wiring up a Circ Pump that is 240VAC but only has a 3-wire cord (white-black-green) and is my 1st time encountering a 240VAC component that does not have a 4 wire cord.


Do I need to label the plug that it is 240 Volt, or label the white wire as a hot so I do not confuse the next guy behind me? Is is more common practice among techs to just use a 4-wire cord and leave the white leg coiled at the termination point in the pump?


I know how the pin outs need to be in the amp plug, and have set the control board for a 240V circ pump. My question is specifically on what common practice is for identifying to the next guy behind me that this is not a 115VAC powered component beyond the marking on the motor itself.

Bonus Question: What tool do I need to De-pin the amp plugs? They are TE Connectivity Mate-N-Lok connectors and calls for extraction tool P/N: 318851-1 and is $55 dollars shipped. I know there has to be a less pricey extractor for this connector as they are everywhere. As always, any help is much appreciated



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11 hours ago, ScenicCabinRentalsRRG said:


Hello my friend,

My general rule of thumb is 3 wire (BWG) means 1 Speed pump and 4 wire (BRWG) means 2 Speed pump. Generally, circuit board wiring diagrams will designate that the circuit board is pinned for either a 1 speed or 2 speed pump. I don't think it is necessary for you to mark anything because 3 wire cords are standard for 1 speed pumps across the board.



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