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Newbie - can't get bromine level up

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I recently got a 280 gallon hot tub and am using bromine.  I got a chemical set which had bromine tablets in it with a floater.  I got the tub installed last week and even with four tablets in the floater, all the way open, I cannot get the bromine level over 1 ppm.  The test strips work - I confirmed by rubbing one on one of the wet tablets.  I've used sodium bromide and shocked the tub first.

What should I do?!

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So I figured it out.  I needed to use a bromine booster and then shock it - that converted the booster into free bromine.  Right after doing that, I'm at the right level.  I'm using bromine tablets then to manage it from there.  Turns out it was REALLY easy.  

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