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Circ pump won't work

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  I have a 2006 Thermospa Concord hot tub.  Recently I replaced the complete spa pack after discussing with Thermospa technical support that the unit would not power up at all.  After doing that I noticed the circ pump would run for 3-4 minutes then shut off, which would then cause the heater to trip on overheat because of no flow, and after 10 minutes the circ pump would come back on.  So I assumed the motor on the circ pump was overheating causing the shut off (since the pump was original).  I ordered a replacement pump and installed it but now the pump will not come on at all.  When I measure voltage across hot to neutral on the pump leads I get nothing, but when I measure hot to ground I get 120 and when I measure neutral to ground I get 120.  Also just noticed that the blower motor will not operate when turned on.  Did I get a defective circuit board or is there something I'm missing here?  I know the pump works because I can wire it directly to 120 bypassing the circuit board and it runs with no problem.

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Do you have the DIP switches on the circuit board set properly?  I'm assuming you should set them for a 24 hr. circulation pump, and it would be plugged into the circ pump connector, not Pump 1.

The blower also needs to be enabled through the DIP switches. 


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