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Jandy Aqualink Relay

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My aqualink was intermittently either not turning my pool pump on or not turning it off during preprogrammed schedules.  I looked on this site and others, I found people asking the same question and the consensus was that it's a faulty relay.  

I purchased the appropriate relay replacement.   Turned off my power, labeled each preexisting wire placement, removed the old relay and installed the new one.  It was very easy to do and I thought of what a genius I was and how much money I just saved......

Unfortunately when I powered the system back up, now nothing works.  The interior control panel showed Firmware rec B09.  This code is not in Jandy's manual.  Reading online I think it just may be the firmware version of the unit.  The manual says that if I get a message with a dotted screen I should disconnect power for 2 mins and try again.  I did so several times, same issue.  Now not even the lights came on over the buttons in the box outside where I replaced the relay, they did previously. 

I removed the new relay, reinstalled the old one.   Again being certain to keep the wires in correct order.  Same problem, nothing works.  I'm guessing I did something to destroy the main circuit board but I'm not sure what.

So if anyone has any suggestions before I purchase the 2.0 upgrade board for $629. I'd appreciate the help.  Thank you.

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Anyone thinking of buying Jandy equipment should know their equipment is junk !!!! I have the Aqualink Zodiac controls on my pool and am now having to replace it the third time ! I don’t remember what it cost when i first had it installed but the next time it was $1099.50 and it was 12 months 2 weeks ago and of course their warranty is 90 days ! I have the service guy coming tomorrow to repair it ( again ) so I’m going to see it there’s another brand I can buy . this aqualink system is just too expensive when you have to replace it 3 times 1.  JUNK !!!!!!!!!!!

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