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"Strong" Spa power issues.

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I have a Strong spa with a Balboa pack and 2 Waterway pumps in it. A few days ago i foolishly overflowed it whilst changing the water. Drained to correct level but kept tripping breaker. Breaker now holds, panel lights up, pump/heat lights come on but no pumps run. I checked voltage at pump plugs..120 black, 120 red. I have power to the pump and the capacitor but no spin. Weirdly, if i run seperate 120v power to pump male plug end, it spins. Confused, please help!


I should add that after gfci breaker initially tripped a few times, i noticed the test button did not work when it was holding. So i went out and bought a $108 rrplacement breaker which tripped instantly.  Put original breaker back in and now have power to spa. Even more confused!





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